auburn big time powwow

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this time my blog is on the latest auburn big time powwow. I wasnt there but a few of my class mates were so i got an interview with autumn c. w. here it is. me: what was your favorite thing at the powwow? autumn: I really like the Aztec dancers. me: why did you like the Aztec dancers the best? autumn: I like the Aztec dancers because they were really exiting. they moved so fast and their regalia were so cool. me: if you could rewind time and work any booth at all wich would it be? autumn: I would work the indian tacos booth. me: if you could redo any thing that day what would it be? autumn: i would redo my regalia. me:how many kids from school showed up to dance? autumn: seven kids from the school showed up to actually dance. me: how long did it take you to make your regalia? autumn:about two-three weeks. well thats all we got from autumn but you could find out whta is like by going to a powwow yourself

          “One does not sell the land people walk on.” …   Crazy Horse, Sept. 23, 1875




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today on the dat 10/13/10 is hero appreciation day and as a class assignment we had to choose a hero and i picked the virgin Guadalupe. i picked her not only because she is a religious symbol but because she cared for everybody. she did a lot of selfless deeds for every one who needed. not really a lot of people know about her but I do. and if I had to pick one person to be my hero for the rest of my life it would be her. she is my hero for very many reasons. I don’t have enough time to tell them o you but i do have enough time to tell you a little. she is the symbol of my religion. and that’s all I can tell you keep checking in to see if i post more laterz .=)

when your feeling low watch this video

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Hello world!

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