if I could visit any reservation it would be the Pomo cause my aunty Tina is Pomo. she has a bunch of cool Pomo stories. she has the most amazing history. she says that their religion is one of the  most amazing religions. she says that they don’t kill animals for just anything and if they do they use every part of the animal doesn’t it sound like they are a peaceful tribe. it actually sounds a lot like the Miwok and maidu tribes but that’s just me. im Miwok and maidu and go to a native school. we are just 1 of the thousands of tribes that are state registered and many more arent registered…. yet. but ive met kids that their parents have tought them that all native americans we dead but…. WE ARE NOT SEE IM STILL  ALIVE lol jk jk but ya well that’s it I guess later gator


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