if i was an animal

if I was an animal I think I would be a panda cause I love panda bears and I will bite some ones head off lol.  jk but ya my nick name is evil panda. I got that name from camp cause like I was evil and I would always shout  “I LIKE PANDA BEEEAAARRRRSSS!!!!!!!!!!!” and that’s how i got that nick name. camp has so many memories some good some bad like when I met this one kid I really liked….. he thought I was a stalker lol jk but I didn’t like him he was like my lil bro. he was like what ten im 12 so he’s my friend idk were he is now lol. but I love panda bears. they are my favorite animal they are so cut and fluffy. and that’s what animal I would be if  I was an animal


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