ferrets and stanley and the pineapple

today my post is about llamas with hats and Stanley and the pineapple. um ferrets is a very disturbing animation it starts off nice  but it gets very very strange.  but Stanley and the pineapple is about a man (Stanley) and a bunch a fruit that fall from the sky???? i know it sounds very strange and not funny at all but its hilarious. to bad for ferrets I can’t say it’s not disturbing cause …. it is but it also is hilarious . it’s about a ferret ( Harold) who is sad and another ferret (unknown name)  who tries to cheer him up. back to Stanley and the pineapple it starts off with a guy coming home from work and he hears a little voice that says don’t step on me. well if you wanna know more watch the two videos below thanks and leave me your comments about what you think laterz.


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